Space4Mobility Hackathon

Remote Week

24th - 30th November 2020

Demo Day

1st December 2020


Application Deadline 7th November 2020

What it's all about

The Federal Ministry Republic of Austria for Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology is looking for innovative, passionate and entrepreneurial individuals as well as early stage startups in the SpaceTech field, who want to showcase their expertise in a first prototype.

Selected individuals and startups will take part in a remote Hackathon (Nov 24st - 30th) and the final event (Dec 1st), engaging with leading corporate partners from the mobility sector. A highly curated jury from Asfinag, Austro Control, ÖBB, Via Donau and many more will vote their winners.


Austro Control


Via Donau

What you will be working on

Pick one of the following use cases and solve corporate's biggest problems with data. For more information for individual use cases, click the links below. You can apply as an individual, a team, a group of reserachers or as a startup.

We're happy to have partnered with EODC who will provide the teams with the necessary data needed (for use cases with ASFiNAG and Viadonau) and esa business incubation center and Science park Graz acting as sparring partner. The Hackathon is proudly sponsored by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology - therefore Austrian participants are especially encouraged to apply.


Esa business incubation center

Science Park Graz


Use Case 1:
Green space maintenance

The goal is the representation and data evaluation of the current situation of green areas: Recognition, recording and graphic display of mowing areas. Recognize the need for maintenance or reflect the actual condition of the areas (condition - mowed / not mowed; clear cutting of wooden areas) - especially for ecological areas off-site the route.

There is a need for recognition, recording and graphic representation of neophytes on ASFINAG areas (e.g. species such as balsam (Impatiens glandulifera), narrow-leaved ragwort (Senecio inaequidens) or tree of gods (Ailanthus altissima). The current database of mowing areas along the route is outdatet and has to be renewed. Also, the recognition, recording and graphic display of mowing areas to reflect the actual condition of these areas (condition - mowed / not mowed) - especially for ecological compensation areas off the route - is needed.

Status Quo:
First, there is no supra-regional wood flow management - inflows and outflows of wood in forest areas are only recorded individually and manually. Second, the extent and occurrence of neophytes is not known nationwide, to date there exists only manual recording. Third, the control of compensation areas remote from the route (mowing / maintenance passes carried out yes / no?) is only possible with great time effort.

Potential solution:
Automated recording, tracing, evaluation / analysis and graphical display of green spaces and increased efficiency in green space maintenance - e.g. through detection of differences in growth height or color spectrum. Automated recognition of neophytes by evaluating satellite data - plant recognition via color spectrum (leaves, flower color, bark, etc.), height or e.g. growth habitus. Control of maintenance rounds on areas remote from the route through satellite images that are updated daily.


Austro Control

Use Case 2:
Aircraft safety

Mitigation of impacts caused by GNSS Interference
(e.g. Jamming and Spoofing attacks)

In case of GNSS failure, GNSS based flight procedures are interrupted or even worse during final approaches a go-around procedure has to be initiated - causing additional workload to both, pilots and ATC. In case of jamming, integrity monitoring receivers in the cockpit might realise a wrong signal (position) too late. In case of spoofing, neither pilots, the onboard avionics nor ATCOS might not (or too late) realise the attack and a position shift.

Status Quo:
Deviations of aircraft-positions can be detected in areas where radar-like coverage is given, but only after a certain time of having observed the deviation.
Air traffic controlles are not able to support aircrews in real-time, pilots have to fall back to conventional navigation and get then vectored by air traffic controllers. A process, which is time consuming.

Potential solution:
The integration of not-certified 5G mobile phone signals into on board avionics.
Develop an innovative idea, solution, application, technology and or service that helps to overcome GNSS vulnerability and improve resilience against intentional and/or unintentional radio-frequency interference (RFI) events.



Use Case 3:
Track network quality assurance
based on train position data

Design a workflow that analyses existing data, checks for consistency, detects and visualizes deviations. These deviations are to be evaluated and, if necessary, a change proposal for the reference track network is to be made available to the person responsible (including metadata / derivation of the system decision process)

A workflow for (automated) updates for the reference track network does not yet exist and should be merged from existing data within ÖBB as far as possible. Visualizations of the analyses or updates are an important component for interpretation and evaluation.

Status Quo:
At present, 1200 traction units are equipped with GNSS receivers, whose movements are recorded every second on the basis of positions.

Potential solution:
Based on the extensive data that are generated by the GNSS receivers at the traction units, deviations of the trajectories from the reference track network should be detected, interpreted and presented to the operator for manual control/quality assurance.


Via Donau

Use Case 4:
Monitoring of flooded areas

Testing of the monitoring process of wet areas in case of flooding (area extension, covering time) with Sentinel 1 & Sentinel 2 data.

During floods on the March and Thaya rivers, rising groundwater also may cause wetting on the land side of the protective dams. While the wetting mean yield losses for agriculture, endangered animal species, such as primeval crabs, amphibians, migrating waders and breeding birds in particular, depend on a minimum duration of these floods (3 to 12 weeks).

Status Quo:
Manual recording of the approximate expansion of the wetting areas in maps.

Potential solution:
Regular data acquisition in case of flooding for georeferenced evaluation, identification of the wetlogs within GIS-Systems (i.e. production of shape-files), and comparability with existing data, which in a next step will be integrated into maps (calibration).


Why You Should Participate

Tap into a large ecosystem

Get the chance to get your product idea out there and pitch it to the leading companies in Austria's mobility sector.

Co-develop the solution of the future

Our partners are looking for startups and individuals to co-develop, pilot and bring products together to the market.

Participation certificate

All participants will receive a "participation certificate", confirming their involvement with the Space4Mobility Hackathon and all mobility partners to spice up participants' references and CV!

Win exciting prizes

Our partners happily invite you to get to know them and their companies better. Get to present your idea to the board and potentially win a first client.

Prices for the winning teams


Exclusive tour to the heart of the traffic management centre of ASFINAG in Vienna Inzersdorf:
Deepdive into the world of ASFINAG traffic management during a tour through the traffic management headquarters in Vienna-Inzersdorf. The winning team of the Asfinag Use Case will see activities in the fields of traffic safety, traffic control and traffic information as well as the use of technological innovations.

Pitch of the Hackathon solution in front of the responsible department head, strategy decision maker and managing director of ASFINAG:
The winning team of the Asfinag Use Case will be given the opportunity to present its feasible idea to the ASFINAG management. After a joint discussion there will be further possible steps towards a future collaboration designed.

Admission to the ASFINAG (Austria) wide Innovation Team:
ASFINAG wants to bundle and use the innovative forces outside the company. The prize winners are given the opportunity to join this network!

Austro Control

Guided tour through Austro Control's working environments:
The winning team of the Austro Control Use Case gains exciting insights into the world of air traffic control and the work of air traffic controllers on-site at the control tower in Vienna Schwechat and at the Austro Control overflight centre.

After the tour, the winning team will also be given the opportunity to pitch their solutation to,- and make contact with Austro Control's technology decision-makers to explore the possibilities of a future collaboration.


Visit of the central marshalling yard in Vienna:
Every day an average of around 110 trains arrive at Vienna's central shunting yard. Shifters dismantle them, couple new ones together and make them ready for onward travel to the whole of Europe. They are assisted by the roll-off hill, which the ÖBB Use Case winning team will see from the roof terrace. A large model in the education room will be used to explain the processes clearly.

A presentation of the ÖBB use case winning concept to the technology decision-maker of ÖBB Infra will take place shortly after the hackathon.

Via Donau

Excursion to the project area in the March-Thaya floodplains:
The winning team of the Via Donau Use case will enjoy a presentation of viadonau at the site Angern an der March (core business and organisation)
Visit of the rehabilitated flood protection dam
Visit of ecological compensation areas for the dam rehabilitation (newly created suttas, burning umbel meadows)
Visit of renaturation projects (waterway networking, bank restoration) during a boat trip on the March
Visit of the rehabilitated flood protection dam


EODC special prize
for the team, that made the most use of the virtual data machines during the Hackathon

EODC Cloud Bundles "Advanced" for 6 Months, worth 3.600€
The EODC Cloud is more than just CPUs and RAM. Besides compute and storage resources, co-located with a multi petabyte data repository, the EODC team of EO experts connects knowledge and IT competence and will assist with EO data needs.


Brimatech special prize
for the team, that has the most promising market potential

3-hour coaching & networking
Brimatech is a market research and consulting company specialised in the fields of aeronautics. Having vast experience in space projects nationally and internationally and being partner of the Austrian Space Solutions Network for ESA since 2011, they are able to provide insights into the space market for the winning team. Brimatech provides coaching for the space relation of the business model as well as access to space players of the Brimatech network.
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