Scaleup4Europe HealthLab
Batch #1 - Spring 2021

Until February 12th 2021

Scaleup4Europe is a cross-border project funded by the Horizon 2020 program of the European Union, supporting innovative companies to scale and foster their collaboration with corporates and public organisations. We’ve teamed up with with four European startup ecosystems to drive deep tech innovations in #HealthTech and three other industry verticals: #AgTech, #AgileManufacturing and #SmartRegion.

What’s the goal of the program? To support European #scaleups and #startups to grow across borders by providing you with tailored readiness services, connecting you with relevant players and supporting you with gaining access to new markets.

At Pioneers, we’re leading the #HealthLab and are looking for top scaleups with digital health solutions to join our lab so we can take you on your scaling journey across Europe.
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The HealthLab Program

The ScaleUp4Europe HealthLab program will support selected scaleups and startups in two essential ways. The estimated time required is about 1-3 hours per week during the 4-week program.

1. Readiness Services

Readiness services will be provided to the top 20 selected startups and scaleups who apply. Through these services, we will support you on your scaling journey by providing you with tailored readiness services to equip you with a customized set of know-how, as well as industry and market insights in order to close the identified scaling gaps you are currently facing. Services provided include: a readiness assessment, expert coaching and masterclasses on entering new markets, exclusive membership benefits from our partners at 'zero21' and networking opportunities.

2. Corporate Collaboration Program

In addition to the readiness services, the top 10 selected startups and scaleups will also be put forward for the corporate collaboration program which will focus on co-creation and collaboration alongside corporate partners. The goal of the programme is for you to solve specific challenges through a 4-week remote collaboration program and present your solutions at a final 'scaleuplive' event to a jury of corporate partners and experts. The the top-fit solutions will then be selected for a pilot project phase with the respective corporate partner.

In total, the top 20 startups and scaleups who apply will receive full access to the readiness services, whilst the top 10 will also receive a place on the corporate collaboration program. Find out more about the benefits of being involved, the corporate collaboration program and the key program information below.

HealthLab Corporate Collaboration Program

Together with four challenges partners, we’ve developed three big challenges to be solved with your innovative solutions:

Challenge 1: Living smarter with cardiovascular diseases

Challenge partner: Pharma Company,

Central question: How might we provide new (complementary) solutions either for patients diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, gout and anaemia, or for patients receiving NOACs to achieve better therapy & health outcome?

In Europe, cardiovascular diseases cause 45% of all deaths. In fact, around 85m people are living with cardiovascular diseases. Patients very often don’t feel the pain which results in lacking awareness of the disease and lacking action to protect themselves. The goal of the challenge is to implement a patient-centric digital solution for patients either diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, gout and anaemia, or receiving NOACs that positively alters their behaviour, encourages optimised use of medicine and improves patient’s outcomes. Most importantly, the solution needs to provide a real added value for the patient and be complementary to medicinal therapy. From a business perspective, it should have a clear link to the partner’s portfolio, a direct impact on their sales efforts as well as help differentiating their services from the competition.

Potential Solutions
Sensors | Machine Learning | Health Monitoring | Cognitive Behavioural Therapy | Prediction | Wearables | Habit Tracking | Supplement medical treatment | Optimise use of medicine | Positively alter motivation & behaviour

About the challenge partner
The challenge partner is a leading generic pharmaceutical company in Europe whose activities incorporate all areas of the pharmaceutical value chain. The challenge partner is a member of an international pharmaceutical company governed by a non-profit foundation with its headquarters in France. While focusing mainly on treating diseases of the cardiovascular and central nervous systems, the challenge partner also provides modern treatment solutions in the fields of oncology and women’s health.
Reach out to us to learn more about them!


Challenge 2: Forecasting medical supplies during a Pandemic

Challenge partner: Kantonsspital Winterthur,

Central question: How might we ensure to stock up the right medical supplies at the right time in the right quality and quantity?

At the beginning of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, there has suddenly been a need for specific medical products in a quantity that wasn’t required before. Most organisations were aware of the increased need for usual protective materials (masks, insulating coats, gloves etc.). However, medical goods that are vital for other clinical areas (such as the operating theatre, neonatology, dialysis, intensive care unit) were often forgotten by people not involved in procurement. Therefore, the necessity to forecast medical goods supply emerged, aiming at ensuring supply security and the protection of the population at all times. The goal of this challenge is to find a way or an approach to meaningfully connect medical items with attributes that indicate their central use (e.g. ventilation sets are not necessary in a pandemic such as Ebola) and to predict the assumed consumption with algorithms.

Potential Solutions
Data Analytics | Machine Learning | Artifical Intelligence | Blockchain | Prediction of medical supply | Supply chain optimisation | Classification of product, quality and quantity

About Kantonsspital Winterthur
Kantonsspital Winterthur (KSW) is one of the ten largest hospitals in Switzerland and is located in the heart of Winterthur. More than 250,000 patients are treated per year. With 3,500 employees and 500 beds, the KSW ensures basic medical care in the Winterthur region and also provides specialist care for the surrounding hospitals. In addition, the KSW fulfils an important and comprehensive training mandate.
Learn more about KSW: KSW Website


Challenge 3: Simplyfing collective tendering for hospital supply

Challenge partner: MercurHosp & AZ Glorieux,

Central question: How might we streamline the data collection, consolidation and description process of medical products for collective procurement units?

Public health procurement units manage the purchasing process for a multitude of health care institutions, particularly hospitals. All sorts of goods and services are procured through those central units including medical devices, disposables and various software solutions. For each procurement project, the procurement center collects and consolidates the data of supply needs from all partners which is extracted from different ERP systems and, hence, varies in form and specification. The lack of clear, neutral and consolidated data results in a tedious process of structuring and objectifying the information provided in order to create a collective tender. The goal of this challenge is to find a way to streamline the process of procurement projects in order to purchase exactly the products needed by clients, comply with procurement law and save time during the entire process.

Potential Solutions
Data Analytics | Machine Learning | Artifical Intelligence | Database | Public Procurement Software | Data collection and consolidation | Optimisation of collective tendering | Analysis of procurement data

About MercurHosp & AZ Glorieux
MercurHosp is a procurement center for hospital care responsible for carrying out public procurement procedures on behalf of its members. MercurHosp carries out services and supplies contracts in all categories of purchases (equipment and supplies of all types, medical devices, drugs etc.). AZ Glorieux is a leading hospital in Belgium. High-quality care is paramount for AZ Glorieux and the patient is central. Together AZ Glorieux and MercurHosp are hosting one challenge to be solved within the Scaleup4Europe HealthLab.
Learn more about MercurHosp: MercurHosp Website
Learn more about AZ Glorieux: AZ Glorieux Website

Benefits of Taking Part

Solve specific challenges for corporate partners
including a European pharma company, Kantonsspital Winterthur, MercurHosp & AZ Glorieux and be in with the chance of securing a pilot project at the end of the program

Receive an expenses paid trip to Vienna in May 2021
(COVID-19 dependant) for the final 'Scaleuplive' event where you will present your solution to a jury of corporate partners and experts

Gain access to exclusive mentoring opportunities
with leading experts and corporate partners in the health industry

Receive tailored scaling support and coaching across topics such as funding, legal and sales
and get connected to potential customers and investors across Europe



via the online form to take part in the HealthLab program until
12th February 2021


with your challenge partner during the remote 4-week collaboration program held between
April 2021


at ScaleupLive in Talent Garden Vienna (TBD) as one of 10 finalists in
May 2021

Selection Criteria

When applying for the HealthLab, we will be selecting startups based on 3 key criteria, outlined below. This ensures selected startups will recieve the maximum benefit from the program.

1. Maturity

Startups and scaleups who have been operating for at least 1 year and who have achieved a minimum 100.000 EUR in turnover

2. Traction & Product

Startups and scaleups who have a product/service that is already on the market

3. Location

Startups and scaleups who are based in Europe and who are looking to scale across Europe

Startups and scaleups are preselected by


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