Co-Innovation for a
Fossil-free Future

green:field - Vattenfall’s open innovation platform is looking for innovative companies to collaborate and roll-out their solutions together with one of Europe’s largest energy providers.

Until April 30th, 2019

What is the goal of the partnerships?

green:field - Vattenfall’s open innovation platform - supports later stage startups, scale-ups,and innovative companies to jointly implement and grow their technologies and businesses in the energy sector. In collaborations top fit partners will do a joint pilot with one of the largest European energy providers and have the chance to roll out their solutions and services on a wider scale across Vattenfall.

Scouting Areas

This year green:field is looking for collaboration partners in six different areas that are:

Floating Solar
Technologies and solutions to build solar energy plants on water (lakes, rivers, sea). Example solutions are floating islands, mooring systems, floating solar panels.

Smart Thermostat & Private Heating Management
Solutions that help private households to manage their heating devices and adapt heating to their preferences while saving energy costs. Technology can include sensors, data analytics & IoT or market ready smart thermostats.

Hydrogen Production from Renewable Energy
Looking for software solutions that control the production of hydrogen from wind energy and water depending on factors such as demand, market prices & storage costs.

Oil For Life
Seeking solutions to increase the efficiency of oil used in the gearbox of off-shore wind turbines. Solutions could include measurement of quality, reconditioning of oil, new sustainable long-lasting oils as well as how to replace the oil.

Robotics for O&M
Looking for ways to have remote presence via robotics to inspect and conduct basic operations and maintenance in Offshore wind turbines. Technology should include vision, sensors, and robotics.

CO2 Footprint Optimization
Tools to calculate the CO2 footprint of meetings /conferences (going from office meetings to large conferences), help to track improvements and facilitate shared transport to and from the meetings between participants.

Why Participate?

Collaboration partners will not only receive pilot funding but directly work with BUs accessing know-how about customers, infrastructure as well as support throughout the process by the green:field & Pioneers team. Selected companies will be offered a joint proof-o -concept of ~4 months to:

Explore key assumptions (business, technical).

Define potential for wider ‘roll-out’ within Vattenfall organisation and a commercial partnership beyond the PoC.

Work with designated business unit experts to validate mutual fit.

Further Benefits

● Know-How in Piloting with innovative companies.
● Project costs covered by Vattenfall.
● Access to required infrastructure / data and internal experts.

How to become a partner?

To become a partner of Vattenfall you need to fill out a short partnerships form. After completion, the business units of Vattenfall will evaluate all startups and select best fits for remote pitches where more questions can be answered.The best teams from the remote pitches will be invited to the collaboration days in Stockholm where Business Units will select the piloting teams after extensive collaboration discussions.

Three easy steps to a Pilot

Partnerships Form
To become a partner of Vattenfall, companies need to fill a short form by April 30th 2019.

Remote Presentation
Preselected companies will have the chance to present their solutions mid May in a call with the Vattenfall team.

Final selection & Collaboration kick off
Best fit partners will be working with business units to define first pilots on June 3th-4th in Stockholm.

About Vattenfall

With over 20,000 employees Vattenfall is one of Europe’s major retailers and producers of electricity and heat. Main markets are Denmark, Finland, the Netherlands, Germany, the UK and Sweden.

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